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Award Winning Pizzaiolo Michael Vakneen has several accolades under his belt, including placing 2nd in the world and 1st in the US in the World Pizza Championship on multiple occasions. After opening Pop-Up Pizza at the Plaza 13 years ago, last fall in partnership with the LEV Group, he opened ØØ Pie & Pub in The Center at Spring Mountain at the entrance to the Chinatown District.

In the short time the eatery has been open it has proven to be a destination for pizza aficionados and foodies who value a memorable dining experience and has quickly earned a multitude of loyal repeat customers. What makes ØØ Pie & Pub stand out from other pizzerias are its talented chef and extremely high-quality ingredients he is passionate about. 

It seems the 40-year-old Chef was destined to make his life’s work making dough. As a kid growing up in New York he was into making bagels, but what brought him to Las Vegas was his desire to get into hotel management. He attained his degree at the university that is tops in that area: UNLV, but discovered he was more drawn to the restaurant side and eventually found his way into the kitchen.

His pride and joy is his proprietary blend of pizza flour which the name of the restaurant is derived from: finely milled ØØ Italian flour that produces the elastic, softly textured dough that is the basis of classic Neapolitan pies. Chef’s blend incorporates three flours and the result is one that is a bit thicker and springier than the traditional Neapolitan. An Italian wood-fired oven primed to 765 degrees (the temperature determined to be the sweet spot) cooks the pizzas in 3-4 minutes.

Options include unique renditions such as Eggplant Caponata (olive tapenade, herb labneh), Burrata E Pesto (pistachio pesto, balsamic glaze), Short Rib All’arancia (short rib, orange chimichurri), Speck (fig jam, candied pecans) and Bresaola (white sauce, lemon vinaigrette). Be sure to upgrade your pie by ordering the ØØ garlic parm, chili crunch and pesto sauces.

As for the ingredients Chef Michael is passionate about, he says, “I’m all about supporting local and use local citrus, microgreens and mushrooms and dates from China Date Ranch.

There is more to enjoy than pizza. The Wagyu Carpaccio with whiskey barrel-aged soy, nori croutons, ponzu, matsutaki-marinated enoki mushrooms, yuzu kosho aioli and micro cilantro all comes together in a perfect bite of umami goodness.

The Insalata is a delightful mix of arugula, sherry vinaigrette, balsamic and focaccia croutons. Two excellent desserts are Caramel Budino and Tiramasu, but the Schiacciata appetizer can also qualify as a dessert, as it is Chef’s foccacia with truffle cheese mix, truffle honey and FD Manuka honey crisp.

Keeping with the theme of supporting local are the beer and whiskey selections, which include Double Zero Pale Ale made by Tenaya Creek, Brewing Flor IPA by North 5th and Cockfight Pils by HUDL; and whiskey from local companies Clemens and Smoke Wagon, and the Fallon-Nevada based Frey Ranch.

ØØ Pie & Pub is open 4-10 p.m. on Wed, Thu and Sun and till 11 p.m. on Fri & Sat.

Chef Michael Vakneen courtesy of 00 Pie Pub
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