Wide Variety of Asian Favorites: Mang Felix Kitchen

When I was growing up in Los Angeles many decades ago choices of Asian food were severely limited. Sure, you could go to Chinatown but Mandarin was mainly served without too many other options.

Boy how things have changed, especially here in the valley. And if you want a place with a menu as long as a Hemingway novel, check out Mang Felix Kitchen in Henderson. Just about every Asian food group is represented including, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese.

Two recent visits have given me chances to try different things, but it will take several other encounters to experience the entire menu. Not only is there an all-day weekday list but several other options are served during the weekends. In fact, our waiter, who interestingly enough had been a server on cruise ships, was still learning about the expansive fare.

The menu is laid out with a numbering system so all that you have to do is call out the digits and you are all set. Appetizers include favorites like Vegetable Egg Rolls which are expertly crafted and stuffed with fried shrimp and pork with lettuce, mint, pickle, carrots and tangy fish sauce. Salt and pepper shrimp, chicken wings and tofu are other options.

When it comes time for entrees, portion sizes are big enough to share and don’t hesitate to do so. That way everyone gets a taste of their unique flavors.

Sizzling plates will fill you up with selections like Sizzling Bufalo featuring a twice-cooked bone-in beef shank delivered with mushroom gravy and crispy fried garlic. Priced at $19.99, this is a real bargain.

Garlic pork chops are covered with special breading. Garlic rice and vinegar dipping sauce are included. Batchoy is a combination of egg noodles served with beef broth and then topped with beef shank stew, Napa cabbage, hardboiled eggs, green onions and garlic.

Of course, you can get proper Pad Thai Noodles here. Green onions, eggs and bean sprouts are wok-tossed and topped with scrambled eggs and crushed peanuts. You get a choice of tofu, chicken, beef or vegetables.

Sky garden soups represent a huge spectrum of flavors. Wonton features freshly made shrimp and pork stuffed noodles, shrimp, BBQ pork, chicken, water chestnut and baby bok-choy sitting in homemade chicken broth. There is also creamed corn chowder with shredded chicken. Hot and Sour soup will turn on the taste buds.

Those familiar with the street barbecues of Hong Kong will want consider options like roast duck, honey BBQ pork and ginger chicken.

Traditional chow mein has been making a comeback on Asian menus around town. This version has stir-fried noodles with cabbage, bean sprouts and bell peppers with a choice of meat.

Desserts are creative, especially the Halo Halo which is gargantuan and should be shared. Caramelized bananas, jackfruit, jelly and shredded coconut are combined with ube paste, flan, ice cream and crispy rice flakes.

Mang Felix is a great place to experience different, unique dishes. With large portions and moderate prices this is a must pick for the entire family.

Mang Felix Kitchen, 9570 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson. (702) 227-0128. Other location, 7080 S. Rainbow. Las Vegas.

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