Things are A Changing at Boston’s Fish House

I’m always a little hesitant to write about restaurants that are in the midst of re-inventing themselves. But in the case of Boston’s Fish House the transition that is going on is exciting a lot of people.

My wife and I recently visited and experienced a place that has a lot of energy. Part of the reason was live entertainment that is being featured most nights. On this evening we enjoyed a jazz/soul group that was not only exciting but seemed to bring a lot of fans with them.

Our waiter explained that the restaurant has new management and is in the process of changing the menu. Part of the reason for that is the fresh fish situation in Las Vegas, where not as many seafood items are available. Expect the fare to expand with more proteins.

Of course, they still have fish options just not as many. I sampled the clam chowder and was pleased with the combination of large chunks of clams, bacon, potatoes, sweet butter and cream.

This smooth, not-so-thick soup started off the meal well. My wife tried the lobster bisque and enjoyed it but not as much as offerings in other places. Other appetizers include fried calamari, New England steamer clams and lobster rolls.

I was surprised to see Prime Rib on the menu. I was going to choose a fish option but this almost one pound of beef with a baked potato and spinach was only $40.00.

The plate arrived with chopped garlic sitting on top and a pool of butter sauce. Even though I don’t necessarily like a lot of sauce with my meat this version was good. The meat was tender, and the butter added more flavor.

The baked potato was firm and blended nicely with the rest of the meal. The spinach was cooked well.

My wife chose salmon and once again it was swimming in butter sauce. It was enjoyable but again less is usually better when it comes to immersive sauces.

When it came down to dessert, we were offered a nice selection of sweets like gelato, cheesecake and tiramisu. They were all priced around $8.00 but we passed because we were feeling the weight of the large portions.

The wine list included a nice list of California and other vintages. But the prices for wines by the glass reminded me of being on the Strip. Some were priced at $18.00 a glass. Specialty cocktails were also featured but were also on the high side price wise.
They have a nice patio that will be a highlight for many who like to watch the folks walking around Tivoli Village. Inside there is a bar area and a visible prep kitchen that was originally to be a sushi bar that never opened.

The Boston’s Fish House moniker will probably not be there for long. As the re-birth continues the menu will continue to be refreshed and the place might become more nightclub than restaurant.

We will have to see. But for now, you can enjoy large portions of evolving food.

Boston’s Fish House, Tivoli Village,
​400 S. Rampart Blvd., Suite 190.
(725) 777-3730
Open for dinner only

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