The Food is Fine at Distill/ Remedy

Distill/Remedy locations

It has been a long-standing policy that bars and taverns that have gaming have to serve food as well. In some cases, the cuisine isn’t of the highest quality, but many are making great efforts to elevate their menus.

One local chain that does a good job are the Distill/Remedy locations. Late in 2021 they introduced a new menu line-up, and I recently visited the Henderson location to check out both breakfast and dinner.

There is a long list of tapas and appetizers plus what they call “Poker Bites.”

​Asada Tacos lead the list with gems that are made up of soft corn tortillas, grilled meat, cilantro and shredded lettuce topped with roasted corn, jalapenos drizzled with cilantro lime cream, cotija cheese, pickled red onions and fresh limes. Chicken nachos, quesadillas and IPA BBQ shrimp are other choices.

The wraps and sandwiches fare is a collection of options that will keep just about anyone happy. The Cuban Dip is one example. I have always been a fan of these Caribbean classics and there are so many versions it is sometimes hard to determine if they are authentic.

The version here is a keeper. Slow-roasted pull pork is combined with shaved ham, pickles, provolone cheese and house-made Dijonae sauce grilled panini style on toasted bread. Spicy au jus is a dipping mate.

Other sandwiches include a New York Reuben, Blackened Chicken Club, BLT and a Jalapeno Turkey Melt.

Even though the emphasis is on sandwiches they also deliver a quartet of entrée plates. Grilled Atlantic Salmon is topped with citrus butter sitting on a bed of rice pilaf. Also on the plate is grilled asparagus.

Beer battered Fish and Chips and grilled Cajun Chicken Alfredo are also available.

Desserts are more than an after-thought. Distill’s Bread Pudding is a luscious affair. Warm brioche bread is baked with custard, brown sugar and candied pecans. Vanilla ice cream and maple-amaretto sauce finish this off nicely. Confetti Deep Fried Oreos and a chocolate brownie sundae are other options.

Breakfast selections continue the trend of creative tastes. I sampled the New York Steak and Eggs, priced under $15.00 and a real bargain. Eight ounces of beef is accompanied by eggs, hash browns and choice of toast. You can substitute fresh fruit or tomatoes for a $1.00 more.
Hendertucky Moco Loco offers thoughts of the islands with a local twist. A grilled Angus steak patty is immersed with chicken fried rice, house-made gravy, fried eggs and spicy aioli topped with crispy fried onions.

If you want to indulge in some sweet stuff order the Peach Cobbler Waffle. A large Belgian waffle is stuffed with peach filling that is then topped with cobbler crumble and whipped cream.

Cinnamon Churro French Toast features sugar crusted brioche bread dipped in house-made Crème Brule that is then topped with chocolate sauce, powdered sugar and churro crumble.

Even though many who visit the Distill/Remedy locations love to play the video game machines, I’m sure they are also happy about the food. For breakfast, lunch or dinner the owners have it covered.

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