Teriyaki Madness is Tasty & Affordable

You may have seen the billboards all over town about Teriyaki Madness. It seems as though every time I venture out I see one.

Part of the reason is there are a lot of locations in the valley. The closest to us is at the mini mall on the intersection of the 215 and Stephanie in Henderson.

They have a great selection of bowls with a variety of ingredients. I enjoy both the chicken and orange chicken picks.

There are two choices of meat with either thighs or breasts as the main ingredients. The third option is spicy and turns on the taste buds. The classic chicken edition is greatly enhanced with homemade sauce that goes well with both the meat and veggies. You also get three choices of rice (traditional white, brown and fried).

There are so many types of orange chicken around. Some chefs like to use a lot of breading, but the Teriyaki Madness version is lighter in texture and the sauce doesn’t have as much glaze nor is it as sweet as some. The combined flavor of the meat and sauce is a heavenly creation.

I order it often and never feel bloated after finishing a meal. If you do want more breading choose the Chicken Katsu bowl.

Yes, you can get steak or a nice piece of salmon as a protein. For those who want to ditch the meat altogether there is spicy tofu.

Yakisoba style is popular because diners can get a combination of noodles, protein and veggies that are all tossed into a wok. You can customize your order with veggies and noodles instead of rice.

There are different size bowls available, and I find ‘medium’ to be just the right size for me. And there are a few appetizers that will enhance your experience.

Chicken egg rolls are flavorful along with traditional crab Rangoon. Chicken potstickers are a fitting starter and won’t fill you up too much so you can enjoy one of their bowls.

For dessert take home one of their Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk cookies. They are filled with lots of chips and have a consistency that will fulfill your need for something sweet.

I don’t comment on on-line ordering too much because some restaurants aren’t too good at it. That is not the case at Teriyaki Madness as their process is very efficient and I use it often.

The app is well thought out plus you can earn rewards if you participate. Even if you walk in and order at the counter the wait is usually a short one.

They have an extensive catering department so if you are planning a party they can take care of it as they prepare large containers of meat, rice, etc.

Teriyaki Madness is a national chain that is growing quickly. They currently have 16 locations throughout the valley and will soon open one each in Carson City and Pahrump.

Their moniker is ‘madness’ but the way they turn out the food is nothing of the sort.

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