Old Vegas Lives On: Italian American Club


Las Vegas has always been an innovative place with changing trends from time to time. But there are those who prefer the old days and strive to find places that still have that old Vegas Vibe. The Italian American Club of Southern Nevada celebrates the past with nostalgic entertainment and classic Italian food.

Yes, it is open to the public and it is a good idea to make a reservation if you are planning to go as things get busy even during the weekdays. You will enjoy the celebrity autographed pictures on the walls. Everyone from Frank Sinatra to Dean Martin is represented and some more contemporary artists as well.

Host Ben Spano is as affable as they come and he will greet you and check in to see that your evening is going well. How can it not be with a menu so large and full of those favorites you crave.

The appetizer section is highlighted with stuffed artichokes that are steamed with seasoned breadcrumbs, olive oil, cheese and herbs served with roasted garlic mayonnaise. Banana Peppers are spicy and filled with fresh homemade sausage or a blend of imported cheeses and anchovies. Sauteed Calamari is delivered regular or spicy.

There is a large assortment of soups and salads including a chopped edition that is enough for two. Spring mix is the main ingredient with a supporting cast of onions, tomatoes, diced pancetta, crispy shallots and crumbed bleu cheese immersed in house dressing. Soups like wedding and pasta fagioli are popular.

The Just Pasta menu is filled with just about every combination you can think of. Rigatoni Putanesca features tube shaped pasta, capers, onions and garlic sitting in a chunky tomato sauce that is spiced up a bit. Spaghetti Bolognese is a combination of beef, pork and veal simmered in a light sauce with a hint of nutmeg.

Chicken and veal entrees are offered with an option of pasta or roasted potatoes plus vegetables. Chicken Milanese has a sauteed chicken breast with crumb crust that is topped with arugula salad. Roasted Lemon Chicken is made with free range bird.

Steaks are featured and reasonably priced. For instance, a filet mignon is marinated in cabernet sauvignon and then topped with portobello and roasted red peppers ($39.00). Try to find that on the strip for that price. There is also a Mini Osso Bucco served with orzo pasta plus another pick featuring double bone pork chops.

Our party of six was treated to a large tray of desserts, all of them worthy of the calories. The Tiramisu was lighter than some and the Spumoni Bomba was memorable as were the Cannoli’s.

If you are looking for a libation you might want to indulge with the B52, a layered concoction consisting of Kalua, Bailey’s and Gran Marnier. They also offer a compelling Limoncello that is hard to find around town.

The Italian American Club has been around for 50 years. The three dining rooms were recently remodeled and they are serving dinner Wednesday through Sundays beginning at 5:00PM.

Come and visit old Vegas in a great setting.

Italian American Club of Southern Nevada, 2333 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas. For reservations call (702) 457-3866. www.lacvegas.com.

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