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The history of Churrasco is rich. Gauchos in Brazil used to end their day with a BBQ of various meats. That tradition continues today as South American-style steakhouses are popping up around the valley.

One of the older ones is Texas de Brazil, firmly anchored at Town Square. This chain location is huge and gets quite busy just about every night. Our family’s first experience was in their Ft. Worth spot. It was a new concept for us and we relished our visit.

This is an all-you-can experience but unlike other buffets the meat arrives at your table. In front of you is a little circle of paper with red on one side and green on the other. If you want more meat just keep the green side up.

And what types of meat are there? Just about anything you can think of delivered on big skewers. Just pick up the tongs that are part of your silverware set and grab the freshly cut morsels.

Filet Mignon is one of the picks along with lamb, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, parmesan-crusted pork loin, beef and pork ribs plus Brazilian sausage that adds a little spice to the proceedings. If for some reason a cut you wanted wasn’t sent to the table just ask for it and they will bring it. By the way the meats are spiced and expertly grilled.

Meat is just part of the experience. An expansive salad bar will tempt you as well.
Salads make up a large part of the bar area. Hearts of Palm go nicely with Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, peppers, couscous and spring mix greens. You can also find cucumber, potato and cabbage salads ready for your plate. A large selection of house made dressings will help to augment the greens.

Hot dishes are another large component of the serve yourself spot. Garlic mashed potatoes are creamy with a slight accent of herbs.

There is a fine lobster bisque that is a favorite of many. Fried bananas provide a sweet accent and potatoes au gratin are a must, full of flavor. The Feijoada black beans continue the South American theme and sauteed mushrooms are great by themselves or to smother the meat with.

You might notice thinly sliced pineapple sitting on a plate. Be sure to take some as you will enjoy the cinnamon topping and sweet taste of the grilled fruit.

During our three visits to the place, we have not tried one of their desserts that are an extra charge if you choose to indulge. But they sound great with offerings like Key Lime Pie, Carrot Cake, Bananas Foster Pie, Flan and Crème Brule.

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