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Jayde View from dining room courtesy of Jayde at 16
Image courtesy of Jayde at 16

Stellar views of the Vegas Strip at restaurants from high above the city are not easy to find, and once experienced provide an additional reason to dine at such eateries. At the newly opened Jayde at 16 at the M Resort the Asian fusion cuisine by Chef Fon Littles is as stunning as the view.

The 16th floor atop the M Resort is the setting and the Strip view is made possible by an outdoor patio and floor-to-ceiling windows on one side of the indoor dining room. The room has a comfortable feel, with hardwood flooring, light wood paneling and comfortable lime green and brown leather seats. A wraparound bar divides the room and on the other side are video aquariums that are so lifelike I didn’t realize they weren’t real until I got closer to them.

Chef de Cuisine Fon Littles was born in Thailand and moved with her family to Australia when she was 15 years old. Her initial culinary training came from working in her family’s restaurant for 17 years and after coming to Las Vegas spent 10 years at Treasure Island before coming to the M Resort, where she gained more experience working in the buffet, steakhouse and deli before opening Jayde at 16. Chef describes her menu at Jayde as “Asian fusion, and you can get favorites like soup and sushi and Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai.”

Recommended starters include the thick-sliced Cucumber Wheels ($10) dressed with rice vinegar and togarashi pepper; Jayde Sushi Roll ($22) with lobster & crab mix, avocado and cucumber topped with tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce and masago; and Thai Beef Salad ($18) with cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, mint, radish and tamarind soy dressing, which is so plentiful of grilled ribeye that you might consider it for your entrée. But as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of calamari, the one not-to-be-missed for me is the Garlic Fried Calamari ($13) with Sriracha mayo, which is not too crispy or soggy, but just right, and definitely the best calamari dish I’ve ever experienced.

Excellent entrees include Tonkotsu Ramen ($17) with house-made braised pork belly, enoki mushroom and soft-boiled egg; Pad Thai Noodles ($25) with rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, crushed peanut and egg; Honey Walnut Prawns ($35)—tempura colossal prawns with candied walnuts and citrus honey sauce; and Braised Bok Choy ($13) with ginger, garlic, shiitake mushroom and carrot.
Complementing the Asian fusion cuisine are a handful of Asian beers such as Lucky Buddha, Japanese whisky like Nikka Coffey Grain, a dozen wines both by the glass and bottle, soju, sake and cocktails like the Lychee Mai Tai (with Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, lychee & lime juice and Amaretto).
This spot has been the home to a handful of other restaurants that have come and gone, but after experiencing Chef Littles’ adept use of ingredients to make wonderful flavor combinations, I’ll wager this rendition will be here for quite some time. And furthermore, the portions are plentiful, the prices are reasonable and the view is free of charge.

Jayde at 16 is open Thursday-Sunday from 5-10 p.m. Elevators are located near the west side casino entrance.

 Jayde at 16
Photo by Bill Bokelmann
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