Have Fun with Friends: Gen Korean BBQ

It is a lot of fun to gather with friends and share a good meal. It is even more enjoyable when you can cook your food right there at the table.

Gen Korean BBQ House at the Galleria Mall in Henderson fits the bill.

We recently visited with friends on a Sunday afternoon. It had been a destination I had wanted to visit for a long time. But with Covid and all of the restrictions, it wasn’t the time, but now it is.

The décor is modern with open beam ceilings and a chic industrial look that will remind you of a fashionable warehouse.

The format is simple. Each table has a round grill that is ready to be loaded with meat and vegetables you cook to order. Everyone is handed a menu with many options. Diners have two hours to enjoy so there is no rush.

The appetizer list is large. Don’t miss the Spicy Rice Cakes that arrive at the table already cooked. These flavorful sticks topped with sweet and spicy sauce are really good. So is the Volcano Chicken with a hot sauce that will wake up the taste buds.

The extensive slate of meat items will give you pause as you read through them. Beef, Pork, Chicken and Seafood are all highlighted. It is just a matter of finding out what you want.

One recommendation is Beef Bulgogi. They are thinly sliced marinated sweet bites that you won’t want to overcook. Just lay them on the fire for a few minutes until they are slightly red in the middle.

Signature thinly-sliced marinated bone-in short ribs called Galbi are also popular.

On the pork side are different versions of pork belly including Hawaiian-style with pineapple, smoked garlic, red wine and spicy. Marinated pork loin is a treat.

Chicken fans will want to fill the grill Cajun-style with a house-made special Southern sauce. Three other options are featured.

The seafood fare is highlighted with shrimp but remember there is some prep work as they come with the head-on. Garlic and Cajun Calamari are also available.

I have become a fan of octopus after sampling it at a couple of upscale Italian restaurants on the Strip. A whole baby Octopus arrived that was marinated in a spicy sauce and onion. It was a tad chewy and not as tasty as their adult cousins, but it should satisfy those who love the delicacy.

We were ready for some grilled veggies and enjoyed the Mushrooms and Vegetables that included an assortment of greens that would make any Vegan proud.

Rice is provided and can be replenished throughout the meal along with just about anything else on the menu.

The Henderson location has an assortment of cocktails, wine and beer that pair up nicely with the cooked food.

Daily offerings may change, according to seasonal conditions. But there is always a large assortment of meat available.

It is a fun place. Bring friends and have a blast.

Gen Korean BBQ House, Galleria at Sunset, 1300 W. Sunset Rd. Henderson. Open every day. (702) 476-8559. www.genkoreanbbq.com.

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