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The first time I visited a Texas Roadhouse was actually in Texas. I was impressed with the ranch house look and the huge American and Texas flags hanging on top of the building. The chain has been expanding in the valley and there are now three of them, one in North Las Vegas and two in Henderson.

The newest location is at the corner of Stephanie and Sunset. As my family arrived without a reservation at about 5:00 pm the place was packed. The wait was 45 minutes to an hour.

So we decided to give it a try on another day. This time we used their wait in line feature where you sign in on-line and then arrive about 15 minutes later. No matter how jammed it is you can walk right in after a short wait.

On the way to the table we noticed the refrigerated case of fresh-cut steaks located right by the kitchen area. Everything is big here, including the portions. And the prices are surprisingly affordable. More on that later.

The most popular appetizer is the Cactus Blossom that features a huge onion deep fried and served with Cajun horseradish that is perfect for dipping. Other starters include tater skins topped with melted cheese and bacon bits plus boneless Buffalo wings.

Steaks are the star here and the menu is awash with a variety of them. I like a good sirloin so I chose the six ounce portion. Three other sizes are available up to sixteen ounces.

Not only do you get the beef but the entrees include their freshly baked rolls that you should immediately douse in honey cinnamon butter. They continually bake them every five minutes so they arrive piping hot. They melt in your mouth and if you exhaust the first basket they will bring you as many as you want.

Not only do you get a nice piece of beef but two sides are included. Everything from a baked potato to Texas red chili are offered.

I opted for mashed potatoes that can be ordered plain or with cheddar cheese and bacon bits. A nice dish of buttered corn was my other choice.

The entire meal was under $17.00. Try to find that on the Strip!

There are a bunch of large combos that will keep you interested. Ribs can be paired with a variety of meats like a ribeye or filet. Grilled shrimp are also available.

Chicken lovers will have no problem finding something to order and the meat is prepared several ways. Herb-crusted bird is delivered with a blend of herbs and spices, seared with caramelized lemon for a citrusy finish. County fried chicken features a marinated chicken breast topped with cream gravy made fresh.

Three desserts are available including Granny’s Apple Classic pie with vanilla ice cream sitting on top. Strawberry cheesecake is New York style and the Big Ol’ Brownie is dripping with hot chocolate sauce.

Texas Roadhouse is the place for freshly made steaks and a lot more.

Texas Roadhouse, Open for lunch and dinner daily. 1421 W. Sunset Blvd., Henderson. 3531 St. Rose Pkwy, Henderson. 1380 E. Craig Rd., North Las Vegas.

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