Glorified Lunch and Dinner: Peg’s Glorified Ham ‘N Eggs

Good breakfast places really seem to pack them in, especially on Sundays. One spot that is becoming a favorite of many is Peg’s Glorified Ham ‘n Eggs.

They have two locations in Henderson and another in Las Vegas. I have visited both of the Henderson spots and one of the great things about both of them is that even though they are busy on the weekends you usually don’t have to wait for a table.

One of the things that makes Peg’s popular are the portion sizes. You can pack away some serious calories here, but if you don’t finish take the rest home for a mid-afternoon snack.

They are open for breakfast and lunch every day with a large list of things that will satisfy most tastes. The combined menu is highlighted with eggs of course. But the number of combinations will make the decision tough.

Two of my favorites are located on the “Lighter Choices” section. Ground Turkey patty and eggs are served with a choice of hash browns, fruit or grits. The fruit cup offers a nice selection of berries, bananas and cantaloupe.

Another choice is Turkey Joe’s Scramble with a turkey patty cut into small chunks. Also on the plate are spinach, mushrooms, onions and eggs.

A hearty piece of toast is included along with side options. The turkey is memorable as it has a hint of spice that really enhances the flavor. Plus, it is light and makes it easier to finish the large portion.

For those looking for other light options order the Veggie Egg White Burrito made with scrambled egg whites, broccoli, mushroom and a zucchini/squash mix. Tomato, onion, jack cheese and smashed avocado are also part of the dish.

For those looking for traditional flavors check out the Monte Cristo with triple decker French Toast, ham, Swiss cheese, turkey and cheddar that is then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Also included is a bowl of fresh fruit.

I looked over at a table next to us and noticed a young man digging into a huge plate of Loco Moco, that favorite from the Hawaiian Islands. A half pound of ground chuck was immersed in brown gravy.

It was served with two eggs, white rice and macaroni salad. What a meal! Their waffles are a treat as well.

For those who remember their days in New York consider The Leo with scrambled lox delivered with a bagel, sliced onions, tomatoes, capers and hash browns.

You will find a nice collection of comfort food items on the lunch menu. A patty melt is a combination of ground chuck, grilled onions, cheese and Thousand Island dressing on grilled rye bread.

The Ultimate Prime Rib Dip is highlighted with thinly-sliced beef, sauteed red onions, Swiss and au jus sitting inside of a hoagie. A southwest salad includes house-made spicy chicken, lettuce, pinto beans, pico de gallo and cheese along with crispy tortilla strips and avocado.

Even though their moniker is “glorified ham and eggs” just about everything else is glorious as well.

Peg’s Glorified Ham ‘N Eggs, 9905 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100, Henderson (702) 550-4991. 1311 W. Sunset Red., Suite 120 Henderson. (702) 640-0466. 8465 W. Sahara, Suite 100, Las Vegas. (702) 522-9732.

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