Food and Drinks Come Together

Sports bars used to be places for drinks only. Boy has that changed as today’s establishments not only serve up the latest collection of beverages but the grub is better than ever. 

Such is the case at Smoke and Fire in Las Vegas which has become a popular hangout for Oregon football fans who attend watch parties each week and those who are in search of some good BBQ. We visited on a recent Saturday and the place was packed with lovers of the Ducks. Green and yellow was definitely the color of choice. 

There is a large collection of sandwiches and BBQ plates. The most popular items are the World Famous Blueberry Chicken Sliders. They come as a trio and include buttermilk fried chicken breasts that are enhanced with pepper jack cheese, house made blueberry jam plus jalapeno served on Hawaiian sweet rolls. 

I’m not a huge fan of sweet things on my sandwiches but this version wasn’t too sweet at all. In fact, the flavors were well balanced and worked very well together.

The burgers are expertly put together, especially the Smoke and Fire edition. A half pound of Angus beef is accompanied with American cheese, diced onions, pickled onions, ketchup and mustard. It is a meal in itself. 

Brisket is the featured meat on a couple of items. There is a sandwich with coleslaw that is topped with homemade spicy BBQ sauce. A chipotle chicken offering is enhanced with a spiced-up aioli.

Tacos are also part of the fare with street-style items that include cilantro, onion and salsa verde. Meat options include pulled chicken and pork or you can order it vegan style.

Loaded BBQ fries will feed the whole table. The spuds are topped with pulled pork, chicken, shredded cheese, diced onions, baked beans, cilantro and jalapenos that are smothered with BBQ sauce.

Chicken and waffles are represented with a duet of fried chicken breasts, two Belgian waffles, blueberry syrup plus hot sauce and tons of butter. 

Meat platters are plentiful and include two sides. The smoked brisket is satisfying with a smoke flavor and juicy tender meat that is prepared the way it should be. For big eaters there are plates with two or three meats.

Sides are what you might expect with options like mesquite fries, baked beans, macaroni salad and a very pleasing mac n cheese.

There is a quartet of desserts including a plentiful chocolate chip sundae with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and whipped cream. A root beer float is made with A and W’s finest. Churros and ice cream are another choice.

The place will fulfill your food needs for a holiday party with a Mega Family Deal that feeds 8. Sliders, a rack of ribs, brisket and a large list of sides are included.

 For libations you may want to try one of their nine drafts including Shock Top and Love Lady Golden Knight brewed in Henderson. A list of specialty cocktails includes spiked blueberry lemonade and fire margaritas.  

 Where there is smoke there is fire…and good food. Smoke and Fire, 3315 E. Russell Road., Las Vegas. (725) 214-5398. Open every day for lunch and dinner. www. 

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