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Country Kitchen No. 6

When was the last time you visited a restaurant and got an instant feeling of comfort? With all of the noise and sometimes overly loud music in many locations it is hard to find such a place.

But the moment you walk through the front door at Hometown Country Kitchen in Henderson you will get a soothing vibe. The site looks as though you just entered your grandma’s house.

Knick knacks are all over along with comfortable chairs and an all-American look. We recently visited on a late Sunday morning and were pleased to find there was no wait, an oddity in a lot of restaurants in the valley.

The menu is definitely “American Comfort” and you will find a large variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings. Egg selections traverse the spectrum from traditional dishes like bacon and eggs to Huevos Rancheros. The latter has been recommended by many on social sites.

I was in the mood for an omelet, so I chose the Ham and Cheese version. A softly cooked large portion arrived with crisp-on-the-outside and soft-in-the middle hash browns.

If you aren’t in the mood for either home spuds or hash browns, opt for sliced tomatoes. Sourdough toast was also part of the dish, but I wish they had buttered the pieces a little more as they were slightly dry.

There are a quintet of other omelets including a Veggie version with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and cheese. A three-meat edition is chock full of ham, sausage and bacon.

In addition to the omelets are a slate of selections that they call “Breakfast All Stars.” A salmon benedict features two poached eggs, fish and spinach. Two seared bone-in pork chops are the highlight of another pick.

A lot of folks love the texture and taste of biscuits and gravy. Their edition has a thick and creamy country gravy with two eggs and freshly baked buttermilk biscuits. Pancakes, Belgian waffles and classic French toast are other parts of the traditional fare.

For lunch there is a large assortment of sandwiches including an open face turkey plate that reminds me of my college days enjoying the same dish at Woolworths. This one includes a stack of roasted bird delivered with mashed potatoes and pan gravy.

You can also choose meatloaf or slow-roasted beef. A pulled pork choice is piled with hand-pulled and slow-roasted meat drenched in barbecue sauce. Coleslaw is a fitting plate mate.

Homestyle dinners are available beginning at 1:00 pm. Beef tips and gravy are awash with sauteed onions immersed in mushroom cream sauce sitting on top of egg noodles.

Lemon Chicken is made with boneless chicken breast cooked in a lemon herb sauce. A carnitas pork burrito is served enchilada style with a choice of adobo sauce or chili verde. Cheddar cheese and sour cream sit on top.

For dessert, take a look at the peach cobbler or one of their pies that tempt you as you gaze toward the kitchen area. Don’t hesitate to order. American classics are alive at Hometown Country Kitchen. Open every day. 894 S. Boulder Pkwy., Henderson. (702) 567-0612.

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