Doughnuts Two Ways: Pinkbox and Gabi Boutique

Pinkbox doughnut

The growth of gourmet doughnut shops in the valley has been phenomenal. I remember commenting about the scarcity of shops when our family arrived here almost 10 years ago.

One of the valley favorites is Pinkbox, which is growing in every corner of the valley. It all started in 2012 at a Vegas location. The second then opened in Henderson. Most of the new ones feature a drive-through option. But I suggest stepping inside to see the wares if you aren’t familiar with what they do.

Yes, they have the traditional favorites like apple fritters, maple bars and ol’ fashions but their collection of specialty treats are not only fun to look at but are mighty tasty too.

They have a quartet of doughnut-cronut combos like the Blue Face that has a blueberry base and white whip on top. The Show-Offs menu has a couple of cake offerings including Pinky with vanilla cake and buttercream plus pink frosting with candy décor. The critter also has a smiley face.

If you are a football fan you might want to order The Raider available only on the weekends. Chocolate cake is topped with cookies ‘n cream butterscotch that is then covered with silver icing, candy décor, a pirate patch and an official Raiders flag.

Vegan doughnuts like the Chocoholic are awash with chocolate chips sitting on top of chocolate chips.

One of the new entrants in the gourmet doughnut derby is Gabi Boutique that just opened in Henderson. They specialize in mochi donuts, a product that originated in Hawaii. They are made with rice flour instead of traditional ingredients and are more chewy in texture. Many consider them to be healthier.

The mochi fare are beautiful to look at and the new spot offers comfortable places with boutique-like ambiance.

Mochi offerings include The Strawberry, a pinwheel-shaped creation with strawberry glaze and freeze-dried fruit. The Espresso has coffee glaze and beans.

Cup Donuts are original and totally delicious. Banana Cream is my favorite. This one comes in a paper pouch and is deceivingly bigger than it looks. A brioche donut is filled with Bavarian banana cream coated with sugar and caramel drizzle. On top is a banana chip.

Nutella Cream is another winner. Bavarian cream fills the brioche creation that also includes cocoa powder, hazelnuts and a bueno cookie. Bacon has been showing up on many donuts and they feature Maple Bacon Croffles that are only available in limited quantities.
Cookies can be purchased as well including the Ube Crinkle that is cake-like.

Not only can you indulge in your favorite morning sweet, but a full slate of coffee beverages are available like Latte, Moche and Cappuccino. Brewed teas include Pomegranate, Rose Latte and Rooibos.

Fans of doughnuts have a lot of choices. Pinkbox and Gabi Boutique lead the pack when it comes to originality and taste.

Pinkbox, 10410 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson. Several other locations.

Gabi Boutique Doughnuts and Pastry, 136 N. Stephanie Suite 130, Henderson.

Gabi Boutique

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