Dental Responsibilities


I am writing regarding Nevada law when a business, dental business, breaks the law to cover-up malpractice by one of their dentists, is there any legal consequences for the business, dentist, or is just the patient who suffers the consequences?

Absolute Dental, Dr. Navales – Malpractice by implanting posts to hold a clip-on upper denture when x-rays and dental training and education showed insufficient bone to successfully complete the procedure. $10,000 for the procedure was more important than the patient.

Absolute Dental – Refused to give me my records without an attorney. It took me over eight months to get an attorney and my records. The records I received were from 2019-2021. These records alone had information which would have been important in what to do next and future treatment, even falsehoods were also present. Had they given me my records when requested, I would have saved another $10,000+ at another dental office, also refused Absolute Dental records. 629.061

Absolute Dental – Changed my records by deleting two appointments in which I had two different posts fixed and two posts removed that did not originally implant because of insufficient bone and had penetrated my sinuses (extreme pain). All of the implants penetrated my sinuses. By changing my records and claiming five years had passed (HIPAA, Medicare Advantage), they did not have to produce the original x-rays.

I had two consultations at Absolute Dental, 2019 and 2021. Dr. Ellsworth did the last consultation which ended in his statement “When you come in with a mouth like that, there’s nothing I can do”. His report stated that one implant had to be removed. I am sure he knew it was extremely infected and not implanted totally in the bone. However, when I was standing behind Dr. Ellsworth when he pulled my records up on the computer. If the records were not there, he could not have verified that the implants were done by Dr. Navales in that office. 630.3065 630.3062

Patient Abandonment – After my consultation with Dr. Ellsworth in which I was seeking a solution with little or no cost to me, as I had paid approximately $10,000 to Dr. Navales, Absolute Dental management and none of the dentists got a hold of me to discuss a solution to Dr. Navales’s malpractice. Of course, the consultations were billed – money more important than patient care. 200.495

Discrimination – Do all patients need an attorney to get their records? Are all patients’ records destroyed after 5 years, 1 month without notification to the patient? Do they use Nevada law rather HIPAA law for their timeline?

I would like to know where justice in Nevada stands. I believe individuals are as important as businesses and should be protected. Even the Dental Board uses their power to protect the dentists and dental businesses while leaving the patients to suffer the consequences of substandard care and fraud.

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