Corruption in Pahrump


Its very lengthy yes, because it all began in 2021. There is a lot I haven’t put in due to the fact there is a lot going on. They have turned a strong woman into a fragile emotionally broke woman. She lost her son, and her husband by death. She now has lost the one person who she raised from the day he was born because DCFS sent him to a home with family members who have pending Elder Abuse charges. I have been told she is lucky she has me because I have not given up and continue the fight against these inhumane people. People who have no business in the employment they carry. It’s another April Parks situation. I promised Patrick that I will never give up until he comes home. I am also battling the MI courts to keep contact between Catherine and Patrick. The MI family continue to violate court orders. She hasn’t spoken with Patrick for over three months now. If you would like me to send you the Complaint I filed, I can. Very detailed.

At first this was a story about two vulnerable people who I love. I discovered they were being disposed of by the same people that were supposed to be protecting them. My sister in law is 75, with severe depression and my nephew who was 17 at the time, just two months shy of being 18 when taken. He is autistic but functioning. I discovered DCFS kept him in a state of turmoil for their purpose only. We had trusted everyone, believing they were doing everything they could to help keep the two stay together. What they were telling us and what they were actually doing were going in two different directions.

Then it revolved around more than just these two. I began researching what to do when DCFS takes your loved one. I found nobody cares. I have reached out to many journalists, TV stations, writers, actors, our Attorney General, the Director of Health and Human Services, and our Governor. I even got a cease and desist email from an attorney in the AG office who represents DCFS when I brought to everyone’s attention what they had done so terribly wrong to this family. I read more heart breaking stories than I ever expected to find. The gut wrenching stories of mothers who had their babies removed from their homes, only to never see them again. Even after complying with what was asked of them. These women were from all around the United States. Their stories were basically the same, just their names were different. Some turned to drugs and alcohol, some became suicidal with no will to live, those who do survive go through life living with the loss of their children, wondering what they could have done differently. Families torn apart from false allegations.  If I wasn’t experiencing this with my sister n law and nephew I would have never realized how prevalent this situation truly is.

Our children need good advocates. Not volunteers who have had 6 weeks of training that gives them the power to decide a families life. Is this how it is with every CASA program? Or is this just NYE County being NYE County! The program did branch off on their own now called ACORN! They are no longer under a Nationwide Programs direction. Have other states and counties done this? These are questions that need to be addressed. Are lines being stepped over? I believe they are. I had the Director follow me and Catherine into the DAs office only to harass me. This is who their Director is! When I agreed to take responsibility of my nephew, one stipulation was that the CASA worker assigned to Patrick, be replaced. Patrick was fearful of him. This was addressed with the Director who said no, the court appointed him and he will not be reassigned.

Children remain being taken from their homes either without legal authority or by manipulation by a DCFS case worker. If we are concerned about immigrants being separated from their children, why are we not worried that it’s happening in our own neighborhoods.  When children are removed from homes, we’ve been led to believe the mother, father or parents have done something wrong. When in reality we really don’t know the truth.

Here is the truth. A simple situation that should have resolved quickly was manipulated by staff members of DCFS, to include a supervisor and a rural supervisor. They were asking me to care for my nephew, only to be telling the judge what a horrible person I was. This happened twice. How can DCFS have you sign a contract that says you’re capable of caring for Patrick, leading you to believe that they are going to advocate for you, only to turn around and tell more horrible lies. Having hearings that were mandatory for Catherine, Patrick and I to be at, only to discover after the case closed that we never knew about these hearings. Again lies told to the Judge. Even when we did attend hearings lies were being told. I was just dumbfounded. The judge didn’t allow me to defend myself.

One of the problems I have discovered  is that it is unlawful for the Judge to discuss a family court case unless all parties are there. I have attended hearings before where the attorneys, CASA workers, and DCFS meet with the Judge first, and then when they are done, they start calling the cases. No wonder the judge is already prejudiced. You had no idea what was being said about you.

DCFS and CASA came one night and removed Patrick from his home. This occurred on March 28, 2023. They did not have the proper documentation to do this. There was no guardianship given to the Lause family. I immediately called the sheriff’s office. DCFS alleged that they were placing Patrick with the Michigan family through an APPLA program. In my research I discovered MI doesn’t honor out of state guardianships. Patrick didn’t meet the criteria for the APPLA program and I confirmed that they never applied for it. I confirmed they never asked the state of MI for assistance through any of their programs. There is an agency that DCFS should have used for assistance in transferring Patrick to Michigan. They never used any agencies available to them.

I had applied for guardianship for both Catherine and Patrick. We showed up for our hearing. The attorneys nor DCFS were present. The judge over my objection moved the case to the afternoon when DCFS had a hearing status. After sitting for two hours, when he knew what he was going to do. That afternoon the judge called our case and said denied, case closed, let’s move on. Excuse me.

On May 1, 2023 the Judge gave the MI couple guardianship of Patrick. The order says Patrick lives in NV. How can a NV Judge give guardianship when Patrick wasn’t living here.

We discovered in August 2023 that the Judge had signed a court Order closing the case. It was dated January 30, 2023. So all the parties knew the case was closed, and continued as if it still remained open. Catherine nor I received this. Of course not, because then we would have known that what they had done was illegal. They did kidnap Patrick as I alleged the night of March 28, 2023. Unfortunately at the time I had no idea that I was right.

The aunt and uncle from MI had filed adult protective services on me. The only person who has been caring for Catherine this entire time. I was cleared but the investigation turned on them. They had left several vm messages on Catherine’s phone. They were going to bring Patrick back to NV to kill her. They are going to send Patrick to a facility in Ohio because they can’t afford to feed him. He has hated her for decades. They heard she wanted to kill herself so why hasn’t she done it, hurry up they are waiting.

The Adult Protective Services filed Elder Abuse charges with the NYE County sheriff department who then spoke to Catherine and I. The two deputies listened to the VM messages left by Matt. They included Debbie in their report to support Elder Abuse because she was heard on the VM messages. This remains at the DAs office still to this day as pending.

The CASA worker who abused my nephew, then claimed it was self defense. The District Attorney who is trying to protect the CASA worker has been an advocate for the CASA program for many years. The CASA workers son is also a NYE County deputy. The Sheriff office tried to sweep it under the carpet, but with persistence I didn’t let them. This matter also is at the DAs office pending. The DA even attended a hearing claiming he questioned the validity of the claim. There’s a sheriff report. The CASA claimed self defense. In a DCFS summary report later discovered, they blamed the confrontation between Patrick and the CASA on Me?!

Catherine’s Public Defender told us she would argue self defense. Rather she had Catherine evaluated by two psychologists who deemed her incompetent. We were only able to obtain one report. Now I know why they fought me so hard not to get it. The attorney told the doctor that she knew Catherine the best, that Catherine had slapped Patrick because he wouldn’t do his homework, that she has never had mental issues before and believes Catherine has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Not one of these statements are correct. Catherine has been on medication for mental health for years. Catherine slapped Patrick on the arm to prevent him from throwing a laptop and he had began pinching her. Matt and Debbie lived in Pahrump at the time, and had barged into the home and started a violent conversation. Catherine just three months prior to her evaluations had been diagnosed with Social anxiety disorder at the ER. She hadn’t been taking her medication properly after getting Covid. The dr deemed her incompetent with no expectancy to recover! DCFS was supposed to take Catherine to her appointments. I was out of state at the time. They failed to show so Catherine drove herself to these appointments in Las Vegas. If she was so incompetent how did the doctor allow her out of his office for her to drive to her next appointment, and then drive back to Pahrump! In court documents it states “Catherine’s attorney made the comment, this will now make it easier for DCFS “. The judge, her attorney, and the DA (now a Justice of the peace) all had the opportunity to have her sent for treatment. Rather they just dismissed the case and never did a darn thing to make sure she got the proper care. Unbelievable. Rather, they just dismissed the case due to incompetence, this way DCFS could do what they wanted. Both the attorney and judge even commented on what a good case for self defense it was until incompetence. There is a NRS that does state the person has the right to be given treatment and go back in front of the court. This is what should have happened. Catherine’s rights were violated. The judge ordered both Catherine and Patrick to go live in Michigan with the Lause’s. Catherine’s attorney also made an agreement with DCFS without Catherine’s knowledge to not argue Patrick going to MI if they made it a package deal. This is why the judge continued to order the two to MI.

The judge was provided a note from her primary that she was competent and didn’t need 24/7 care. He told me that he already deemed her competent and there was nothing that I could do about it. I would file motions and he wouldn’t allow me to speak, only the other side.

So for I uncovered the lies told by DCFS. It’s in black and white. I have proof to show DCFS lied to the Judge. I have the case closure letter that Catherine nor I was to receive. So much more but as you can see this is a long article. I filed a lawsuit against them all because nobody would make a wrong a right. DCFS deemed me unfit and not proper to care for Patrick. I have told this story three times and each time it has taken about three hours because they had me go by the time line. What the DCFS worker told the APS about me was defamation of character.

The public defender is trying to get herself dismissed because she’s claiming she has immunity. She knows darn well she was hired as an independent contractor by the county of NYE. I found all of this on the internet. She is not a county or state employee. Both Judges recused themselves so now we are awaiting for the senior judge assigned to give us instructions.

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