Confidentiality Request

If you want to avoid all those political mailings and telephone calls, follow the directions and instructions below. If you know how to use a computer (and since you are reading this, that answers that question) you should be able to do this. Even I was able to do it!

Dan Roberts, Publisher


1. The best way is to log in to Registered Voter Services at:

The person’s confidentiality status will be shown along with a link to click to change it. A pre-populated form will appear with a lot of the data already entered (name, address, etc.). 

This form needs to be printed, signed, and sent to the Election Department.

2. There’s also a blank form online on the “Forms, Flyers, Newsletters, More” page at

It is under the heading of “Forms for Registered Voters.” If someone wants to use the blank form, they need to print it, complete it, and send it back to us however this blank form is not the preferred way of submitting the confidentiality request.

Doing it through Registered Voter Services ensures that the Election Department gets the right voter number, etc.

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