Circa’s Victory Burger: Party While You Eat

​​The Circa Hotel and Casino downtown has certainly caused quite a buzz. Not only has owner Derek Stevens created a beautiful resort but new dining experiences have been created as well.
Victory Burger, that sits above the expansive sportsbook, is a great spot to grab some food while you watch your favorite team or get take-out for your room.

There are the usual TV screens scattered throughout the dining area or if you sit close enough just look downward at the huge sporting views in the sportsbook area. There are plenty of communal tables for large parties.

​​Appetizers have a familiar feel to them as chicken tenders, nachos and onion rings are highlights. But for those looking for something a little healthier order the fried green beans served with chipotle ranch sauce.

Burgers are the star here made with tri-meat patties consisting of Angus beef, short ribs and brisket. After exploring the Circa, I needed some protein, so I chose the Vegas Martini burger for $15.00. The price is toward the high end of burgers in town but not totally out of reach. This one could easily feed two.

A half pound of meat was topped with a unique homemade olive sauce with a combination of green olives, cream cheese, mayo and then finished off with hand-cut cheddar cheese. The sauce had a slightly tart flavor but the other ingredients balanced things out.

The other five burgers afford a variety of flavors for those with different tastes. The Fondue is filled with veggies like sweet red peppers, roasted artichokes, tomatoes and a creamy Blanco cheese sauce.

Sides include both waffle and sweet potato fries plus onion rings.

 Chicken wings are another major part of the fare. They come with a choice of Buffalo, sweet chili, sweet BBQ or blue cheese dressing. They are sold by the pound for large groups.

A classic Caesar is a part of a trio of salads. Another is the hand-picked green edition with a bevy of ingredients like spring mix, sliced sweet red peppers and artichokes. A creamy basil pesto vinaigrette tops things off.

Shakes are creative like the Cocoa Puffs version with cereal and chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream. A Captain Crunch selection is also part of the fun.

The drink fare features specialty drinks and a large selection of draft beers.

Some of my first impressions of the hotel? The emphasis seems to be on the sports book. No matter where you go TV’s have sporting events running constantly. Even the much-ballyhooed swim deck (with an admission price of $20.00) has a three story screen broadcasting events.

 The restaurants continue the theme as well. Places like Victory Burger are just the right spot for those who have a large group and want to indulge in comfort food while they party. The place is open for lunch or dinner so you can start early and continue throughout the day.

You will not doubt feel victorious after a stint here.

 Victory Burger and Wings. Open for lunch and dinner. Circa Hotel, 8 Fremont St., Las Vegas. (702) 726-5505.

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