Be Careful What You Wish For!


I don’t mince words, nor throw anyone under a bus.

This is NOT a political statement but, rather what was presented to me for a political office.

Recently, the last 4 years or so, politics have concerned me; my opinions/voice matter.

I met with a Consultant from a MAJOR political campaign company and stated my ideas/speeches/goals on getting to Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, I was presented with 2 opportunities: move to Boulder City to become a Councilman or campaign for Nevada State Controller. To quote them: “I did say that someone’s resume doesn’t matter much for these types of elections, it’s been years since I’ve seen polling that suggests voters care about “experience.” And “I even pointed to two previous clients who won races against more qualified opponents. Frankly, like most controllers, State Treasurers etc.…they tend to hire Accountants and Finance people to run the office while they act as a figurehead.”

I had an error in judgment, blame myself, got caught up in the moment, and wrote a check for a “token” deposit they said I would get back once donations funneled in. I signed a form letting me know I would run for State Controller.

Upon returning home, very excited to finally having an opportunity to get into politics, I began researching duties of the State Controller. The current Controller has finance degrees/staff/files reports/meetings, not just signing checks when presented or going to Court when a payment is unreasonable, but signs it anyhow. I expressed HOW is THAT being in CONTROL? State your objections, sign a check anyway?

I felt I was presented with a position I am 100% NOT qualified to do and sent an email expressing such. I requested my “deposit” be refunded back to my account. Being a recent widow, on an extremely fixed income, that money would have helped with so much more than beginning a campaign I had no qualifications for.

In a reply email to me: “If you insist on not running, our agreement does not have an exit clause and we have already begun work, as such, you still owe us $7,000. However, in the spirit of being a good neighbor, I am willing to waive the remaining balance owed.” This was from the Vice President of the Company.

I gave up pursuing the money, told them to keep it; I am just hoping others looking to join a firm, become a candidate, be sure the office you are running for is within your abilities to handle it.

This was a hard lesson learned, but I learned.

Like the title says, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

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