An Original Steakhouse: Bob Taylors’ Ranch House

A few years back some restaurant writer friends from Los Angeles used to rave about an old-style steakhouse that was many miles away from the strip. They couldn’t remember the name of the place so I tucked thoughts of it away figuring I would run into it eventually.

After tooling along Centennial Parkway in an area I don’t get out to very much, suddenly it appeared…Bob Taylor’s Original Ranch House established way back in 1955. My wife and I decided to give it a visit last month.

I was impressed by the amount of space they have for parking, a throwback to when there was nothing around them. New housing tracts surround the place now, but the parking area remains the same. The restaurant is indeed a ranch house with western memorabilia adorning the walls. This is one of those places you just know you are going to enjoy.

Appetizers have a familiar ring to them…items like a large shrimp cocktail or deep-fried calamari. Sauteed crab cakes are also available. We decided to skip a starter because we knew the dinner portion sizes were going to be filling.

The place is part of a bygone era when you got a choice of salad or soup with your entrée along with garlic cheese bread. By the way, the bread here is lighter than you will find in similar places but just as good.

The specialties menu is full of American classics like smoked prime rib. It is available in two sizes: 12 or 18 ounces. I opted for the smaller cut, and it was plenty. It had a slight char and was sliced to a medium thickness.

It also filled up half of the plate. Taking up the rest of the room was a twice baked potato. This version was like silk on a platter as the consistency of every bite was smooth with a creamy taste.

There is also an attractive list of steaks ranging from a 32-ounce Diamond Jim Brady cut for $59.99 to and 8-ounce filet for $38.99. Of course, each piece of meat is cooked to order and there is a chart of five wellness levels posted in the menu that are well defined so you can get your selection just right.

Many choices of chicken and seafood are available. My wife picked the salmon, and it was a nice piece of fish, cooked beautifully with just the right amount of tenderness in the middle. Halibut, sauteed scallops and broiled shrimp are other nautical picks.

A quintet of chicken entrees includes a smoked half chicken, honey BBQ or Chicken Cordon Bleu for those wanting a little stuffing in their bird.

Desserts are ready to be ordered but we passed because we were full and didn’t want to just waddle out.

You will find a long list of sandwiches at lunchtime including a Chicken Philly with strips of breast. A trio of burgers including one that is named after the Duke himself has mushrooms, sauteed onions and bacon.

The Ranch House is a destination place for sure. I know generations of families gather here often. I can see why.

Bob Taylor’s Ranch House & Supper Club, 6250 Rio Vista St., Las Vegas. Open every day for lunch and dinner beginning at 11:00AM. (702) 645-1399.

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