A Variety of Dining Options: The Sundry Food Hall


The Uncommons development in the west part of Las Vegas has created a lot of buzz. Not only is it one of the trending places for dwellers but the Sundry Food Court is a must destination for those looking for a large number of dining options.

As you enter you will be overwhelmed with the number of eateries located in one place. I recommend looking around before you sit down. There is an expansive inside space but a communal patio is also enticing, especially in these months before the weather really heats up.

When you are ready to indulge go to the host desk and they will seat you. Scan the QR code located on the table and fourteen menus will appear on your phone. Yes, you can order from any of the places scattered around the building.

If you aren’t in the mood to order online just wait for one of the wait staff and they will not only give you a paper menu but will take care of your order as well.

Just about every type of cuisine is represented, everything from Italian to Greek to BBQ.

Our group was in the mood for some Detroit-style pizza so we ordered the Alla Vodka from Four Corners. They come in two sizes and the smaller version is fine for a trio. Detroit pizza is known for thick crust and this version was almost a half inch wide with bread type texture. On top was mozzarella, vodka sauce, ricotta and fresh basil. It was filling and tasty.

I wanted to continue the Italian vibe so I ordered the Spaghetti Pomodoro from Barzotto. A perfectly cooked set of noodles arrived with a sauce loaded with parmigiano cheese and more basil.

Another selection at the table was a Cali Burrito from B.S. Taqueria, a mainstay in Los Angeles transplanted here. This version features Wagyu flank steak, rice, beans, quesillo, guacamole, crinkle fries and Macha aioli.

Another pick for the table was a vegan choice from Soul Belly BBQ. Smoked portobello mushrooms were adorned with oil to retain the moistness and then served with chimichurri sauce and pickles. Succulent beans also filled the plate.

One of the challenges for the wait staff is getting food from different kitchens to the table at the same time. Two of our orders were on time but another arrived 15 minutes late. The waiter took the late entrée off the bill which was appreciated.  

We were too full for dessert but there are some enticing choices like Saint Honore Couture Doughnuts. Smitten Made-to-order Ice Cream is another option with flavors like Chocolate Ganache, Salted Caramel, Brookies ‘N Cream plus Cookie Dough with Pretzels and Chocolate Chips. A large list of toppings includes fresh whipped cream, sprinkles and toasted almonds.

Just outside of the Sundry is another ice cream place called Salt and Straw which is part of a growing national chain.

Visiting the Sundry was a fun experience. The residents there must really enjoy having a spot where they can find something different every night.

The Sundry Food Hall Las Vegas, 6840 Helen Toland St., Las Vegas. (725) 231-0399. www.thesundrylv.com.

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