A Different Experience for Fast Food: Jollibee

If you eat at fast food places often you have probably experienced fatigue. You no doubt get tired of consuming the same burgers and chicken dishes.
That is why I found the food at Jollibee a nice change. The fare includes chicken and burgers, but they are much different as they have a Filipino flair to them.
The fried chicken (Chickenjoy) has a nice crispy flavor plus the insides are moist and juicy. The taste reminds me of roasted chicken, which isn’t served anywhere except Chilly Jilly’s in Boulder City. The meat is available as part of combination dinners or you can take home enough for the whole family with their buckets.

It is rare that you will find spaghetti at a fast food place, but their Jolly Spaghetti is delicious and different. The red sauce that sits on top of the noodles has a decidedly sweet taste to it.

Instead of meatballs you will find chunky slices of ham, ground meat and hotdog. As I sampled, I kept finding the different meats and was totally surprised that they all mixed well.

Yumburgers are also part of the fare and they are different as well. This Filipino creation is made with 100% beef that is infused with spices and egg. They have a pleasing aroma to them. The signature dressing helps to balance the flavors.

Palabok is a traditional noodle dish that is covered in garlic sauce, crushed pork, shrimp and egg.

Chicken sandwiches are all the rage these days and their version is constructed with 100% hand-breaded chicken breast filet, garlic aioli sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and a brioche bun.

Burger Steak plates are highlighted with sweet patties that are smothered with mushroom gravy and rice.

If you want to build your own combo there is a choice of five sides. Regular French fries are one choice along with mashed potatoes, garlic rice (at breakfast), and rice: Adobo and steamed.

Speaking of breakfast, a quartet of selections are offered until 11:00AM. Longanisa (pork sausage) is paired up with egg and rice. Corned beef, sweet pork and beef tenders are other meats that will start you day in style.

They feature two desserts: Peach Mango Pie and Halo-Halo. The pie has a rectangle-shaped crust that totally engulfs Philippine mangoes. The Halo Halo is only available in selected locations but has a combination of fruit and other goodies.

 If you check out their website you will find their corporate values. They emphasize heavy customer focus that includes huge involvement in community.

They also like to foster a spirit of family fun. Feedback is welcomed which is a positive goal as some fast food restaurants don’t take their customers comments as well as they should.

If you and your family are looking for something a little different, give Jollibee a try. The kids will also enjoy the happy bee that seems to be everywhere.

 Jollibee, 10485 S. Eastern Ave. Henderson. Also: 8030 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas and 3890 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas. www.jollibeeusa.com.

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