20 Years & 1,000 Strong


Please forgive me if I sound like I’m blowing my own horn, but The Vegas Voice is reaching new heights beyond anything my PILL (partner in love & life) Rana and I ever imagined.

This Publisher and “Any Content” editor are vey proud to announce that we have now reached that magic number – 1,000 subscribers to our YouTube (YouTube.com/c/VegasvoiceTV) channel.

We started our videos at our home (with the dogs running in and out of the shots) to the kindness of the Foundation Assisting Seniors letting us use their conference room – and finally, our own TV (and now podcast) studios on Anthem Village Drive.

And next month, our “throw-away” publication will celebrate its 20th anniversary. I still marvel how that happened, especially with all the other senior publications ceasing operations.

Fromrecessions to COVID lockdown, how our initial 16 page newspaper became a state and national award-winning monthly magazine is beyond our wildest hopes and dreams.

I cannot begin express my appreciation to everyone involved with our publication and social media quest. It’s been a helluva journey and the best part – we’re still getting started!

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